Roll On In Sushi Burritos and Bowls is a truly unique franchising opportunity. Our management team has over 60 years in business building and the franchising industry. We have built Roll On In to be the easiest and most profitable food franchise opportunity available.

The Roll On In Sushi Burritos and Bowl Top 5

  • Reasonable Investment
  • Small Spaces – Most Roll On In locations will be less than 1500 sqft. Less space means lower overhead.
  • Easy Management – Most stores will have a staff of less than 3 employees per shift.
  • Simple Menu – Our menu consists of sushi burritos, rice bowls, sushi tacos, nachos and salads. We keep it simple, we keep it fresh, we keep our customers happy.
  • Territories Still Available


  • Room franchising Franchising Soy Wrap

  • Room franchising Franchising Sushi Burrito

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